Security Covers

This is a durable vinyl coated series on OBA-free, high caliper base paper. The series is available from stock in traditional colours and embossing. It is the most economical solution and commonly used in the lower segment of the passport market i.e. for childrens passports, banksavingbooks, labour books, animal passports, licensies and certificates. The vinyl substrate ensures an excellent result with hotfoilstamping. 

Aquatic coated latex impregnated base paper reinforced with synthetic fibers. This quality has excellent tear strength, tensile strength and double fold and creates a highly durable passport cover. The smooth textures ensures an excellent surface for the strong and durable adhesion of hot stamping foil. 

This a series of coated textiles in different thicknesses and weaving patterns. Our most robust coated textile is based on drill weave structure. All the textile in the program are build up in several layers of aquatic coating creating an excellent surface for highly durable foil stamping. On the back side of our textile either a synthetic or a normal coating can be applied for a strong adhesion to the book part of the passport or synthetic inlays.